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Savage Hearts Mission Statement

To raise conscious awareness and educate through interactive social events with the objective of supporting and strengthening our community.


Our programs... 


                         - A unique and revolutionary version of Valentine's Day where a group of enthusiastic givers gather at designated locations and distribute gift bags to the houseless (never homeless) people and their pets. What better way to celebrate a day of love than to give love to those who need it most. Now expanded to various other major cities across the country, the Love Ride fills the gap between cost-prohibitive shelter and menial handouts by providing often overlooked necessities like clean underwear/ socks, deodorant, first aid, hand sanitizer, feminine hygiene products, snacks for people and pets, blankets...and of course, a Valentine's day candy as well as several other needed items. What the Love Ride strives to achieve is a true connection with the marginalized. Love is the operative word here and it has never been more clear than during the gifting experience on the Love Ride.


                                          - Dedicated to making organic, sustainable, artisan, handmade soaps that are free of harmful chemical fragrances and harsh  chemical colorants. The Clean Carriage Soap Co. also offers mobile showers with an  Western theme. Providing a clean and private environment for a hot shower using only the finest handmade organic soaps. If for nothing else, cleanliness is next to godliness.


                     - A playful twist on feeding our community. Dressed in pirate suits, delicious French Toast with organic berries and natural toppings are delivered to the bellies of the hungry. Too often in the trance of dance we forget the importance of sustenance. 


                   - Perhaps our bravest endeavor, Butt Patrol seeks to be an informative solution to the seemingly endless cigarette litter that plagues our community. Too often cigarettes are given the free pass, but we intend to end butt pollution once and for all. By handing out informational pocket ashtrays, we can finally educate on how to collect, recycle and earn cash for your favorite charity by cleaning up  these little burned out nuisances. 

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